We are excited to announce an opening for the position of Radio Surveyor Expert for Annual Surveyor specializing in GMDSS and SVDR/VDR (Radio Inspector) at Alpentech Electromechanical Contracting LLC. We are seeking a highly qualified and experienced professional to join our team and ensure the compliance and safety of maritime communication and voyage data recording systems.

Key Responsibilities:

Conduct annual surveys and inspections of GMDSS equipment on board ships in accordance with international regulations.

Perform annual inspections and audits of SVDR/VDR systems, ensuring compliance with industry standards.

Evaluate and document the operational performance and integrity of GMDSS and SVDR/VDR equipment.

Prepare detailed survey reports and recommendations for corrective actions.

Collaborate with ship-owners, operators, and crew to facilitate survey processes.


Hold relevant certifications, including at least General Operator’s Certificate (GOC). It is also advisable to have any of following: Ship Security Officer (SSO) Certificate, Radio Technician Certification, STCW Certification, IMO Model Course Certificates, Radar Observer Certificate, Manufactures Training Certificate

Should have a degree in radio engineering: minimum two years “Radio Equipment” education (University; Marine Academy; Marine Radio Navigation schools, etc)

Minimum of 2 years of experience in conducting annual surveys of GMDSS and SVDR/VDR systems (as a radio inspector).

Thorough knowledge of international maritime regulations and guidelines.

Excellent communication and reporting skills.

Ability to work independently and manage survey schedules efficiently.

Strong attention to detail and commitment to safety.

If you are a dedicated professional with the required qualifications and experience in GMDSS and SVDR/VDR surveys, we encourage you to apply for this exciting opportunity.

Please submit your resume, cover letter, and copies of your relevant certificates to pavlenko@alpentechelectro.com. In your cover letter, briefly highlight your experience and why you are the ideal candidate for this position.

We look forward to receiving your applications and potentially welcoming you to our team.


Igor Pavlenko, MD

Alpentech Electromechanical Contracting LLC

+971 55 11 363 77